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Inspire to Innovate Storytelling Movement- Letter to Student Series Volume 2 Issue 3

My Dear Student Friends,

This is Dr. Ravi Saripalle, Founder, Inspire to Innovate (i2i) Storytelling Movement. Welcome to “Letter to Student Series- Volume 2 and Issue 3. Hope you enjoyed reading my previous letter. These letters are e-transmitted across the country, for one good cause, spreading inspiring stories of amazing people. Our mission is to inspire youth by sharing positive stories of people who made difference in life in various domains. Today these letters are reaching all 686 districts of our country. These letters are  helping to build positive dreams and act as catalyst to youth aspirations.

Why should you read this letter? Your time is most precious.

We are writing to you for a cause of individual and global importance. We request you to give us 5 minutes of your valuable time by reading this letter and consider for implementation if you find any merit in this. Today, children of 10-21 age group are highly aspirational. If these aspirations are not properly supported by inspirational information and support system, these aspirations deviate. After through research and multiple observations, we are confident that following solution may work for this critical problem. We humbly appeal to you to implement following 2 steps systematically.
1.    Read / hear one inspiring story per week of any individual / situation
2.  Write a physical post card letter / formal mail in every 6 months to someone you trust. Request you to share your dreams and hurdles. It helps in setting up vision for life.
Trust me, continue this process for some time, it impacts  reticular activating system of human brain. We can expect amazing results. I truly wish your story becomes another inspirational story and positively influence all of us. 
To facilitate this process, we devised vision setting survey form. You can answer survey form at https://goo.gl/vgyD54 and help yourself setting up your own vision. I encourage you to respond.

In the previous issue, we discussed about Peter Henlein who developed most important component of clock which is the mainspring, Aryabhata, one of our Indian greatest mathematicians and astronomers, Ritesh Agarwal, founder and CEO of OYO Rooms, Tenith Adithyaa, a 16-year old teenage Scientist, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder of Paytm,  Indian e-commerce website & mobile payment platform and about Six school going girls from Bihar have renounced wearing gold jewellery till their parents build toilets in their homes.
            Why we need to save money? Because we cannot predict our future needs. We don't know when emergency comes. Some people do not know how to save money. Some people do not know how much to save. Too liberal or lavish in spending leads to financial crisis. Too conservative or economize in spending leads to miserly lifestyle. Both are not good for a balanced life. In this age of technology where robots are replacing humans for most crucial decisions, we need technology help to manage our finances too. Exactly to fulfill this requirement, 29 year old Ethan Bloch from United States of America, developed an App called Digit which manages your personal finances in painless way. It automatically saves money from your checking account without accountholder's notice. On top of it, it also insures up to $250,000. This app is not dumb. It analyses our spending patterns and calculates exactly how much we can save. It is not based on bank instruction but it is having scientific methodology to save money. It checks your salary levels, monthly bills, future bills, liability and suitable plans our saving. What a wonderful app? I am sure one day we witness similar apps like diet control, health monitoring, petrol, gas, electricity, shopping and so on get integrated in our day to day life! For more information, please go through http://www.businessinsider.in/This-29-year-old-invented-a-painless-way-to-save-money-and-Googles-buying-into-it/articleshow/46304481.cms. Thank you businessinsider.in.
            You will be surprised who is Stan Lee though his work is most famous. His full name is Stanley Martin Lieber born on December 28th, 1922, in New York City. In his childhood, he got influenced by books and movies, especially with heroic roles. During his early life, his family was living in a one-bedroom apartment. In his youth, he used to write a lot. He used to do part-time jobs as writer, delivering sandwiches, as office boy for a trouser manufacturer, guide at the Rivoli Theater and selling subscriptions to the New York Herald Tribune newspaper etc. Later Lee became an assistant at comics division of pulp magazine and comic-book publisher-Martin Goodman's company. It was breakthrough in his life. In this journey he introduced most successful character called Spider-Man. Now I am sure you might have understood who is Stan Lee! Art and Creativity is borderless. If you start think right and deliver continuously, one day, something outstanding comes out. It turns our life completely. To know more about Stan Lee, please go through https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stan_Lee where I extracted this wonderful information. Thank you Wikipedia.
            Now let me introduce interesting CEO, who proved that entrepreneurship is ageless. Jack Arnold Weil (Cowboy Dresser inventor) born on March 28, 1901 in Evansville, Indiana, United States. He coined phrase "The West is not a place, it is a state of mind." He is the first man to keep snaps on Western shirts, patented the saw-tooth pocket design which we see on western t-shirts and invented bolo tie (a neck tie made of cord with a decorative slide). At the age of 45, Jack Weil founded popular cowboy-wear brand, Rockmount Ranch Wear. He remained as CEO until he died at the ripe old age of 107 in 2008!! He was survived by daughter, 5 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren when he died. He is refereed as world's oldest CEO! His company Rockmount Ranch Wear has sold millions of shirts right from its inception in 1946. Until the day of his death, he came to office regularly. During his childhood, he and his brother used to deliver NEWSPAPERs. It seems he quit smoking, drinking and meat at various stages of his life for good purposes. Thank you nytimes, businessinsider, wikipedia for publishing such an inspiring entreprener. (http://www.businessinsider.in/24-people-who-became-highly-successful-after-age-40/Jack-Weil-was-45-when-he-founded-what-became-the-most-popular-cowboy-wear-brand-Rockmount-Ranch-Wear-He-remained-its-CEO-until-he-died-at-the-ripe-old-age-of-107-in-2008-/slideshow/47789511.cms) and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Weil.; http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/15/business/15weil.html
            Anna Mary Robertson Moses, famously known as Grandma Moses, was a renowned American folk artist. She started her painting career at the age of 78 and became most successful artist. Her works were sold across the world in the form of greeting cards and other merchandise. "The Sugaring Off" work was sold for US$1.2 million in 2006. The Sugaring Off is most popular theme of her works. Grandma proved again that learning is ageless. It starts at any age but still we can become famous and most importantly we can be contented in the process.
            Recently I was talking to one of my good students. One day his morale low and came to my office. I was trying to encourage. I shared Abraham Lincoln's bio-profile. I requested him to read the story of Lincoln at http://www.abrahamlincolnonline.org/lincoln/education/failures.htm. It was amazing compilation. For the benefit of our newsletter viewers, Let me summarize. It summarized year wise major failures / setbacks and major successes. Total there were 11 critical failures / setbacks and 15 massive successes in his critical life. In 1832, Lincoln lost job and defeated for state legislature. The same year, he got elected as company captain. In 1833, he failed in his business and in the same year he got appointed as postmaster of New Salem, Illinois and appointed as deputy surveyor of Sangamon County. In 1834, there were no setbacks but Elected to Illinois state legislature. In 1835, his wife died. In 1836, got nervous breakdown and also re-elected to Illinois state legislature and also got license to practice law. In 1837, no major setbacks but he became law partner of John T. Stuart. In 1838, defeated as speaker and also nominated for Illinois House Speaker, Re-elected to Illinois House and Served as Whig floor leader. 1839, 1840,1841, 1842 there were no major failures or setbacks. But during this period, he succeeded in law practice. In 1843, defeated for nomination for Congress but no major success. In 1844 and 1846, there were no setbacks and also elected to congress. In 1848 again lost re-nomination. In 1849, rejected as land officer and in 1854, he defeated for U.S. Senate but at the same time, elected to Illinois state legislature. In 1856, defeated for nomination for Vice President and there was no major success. In 1858, he again defeated for U.S. Senate and no major successes. After multiple ups and downs, in 1860, Abraham Lincoln elected as President of America. Imagine what kind of persistence and determination showed by Lincoln? That is human life. Success and Failures are part of life. They do not follow scale and timelines. Hope you agree with me on this blatant truth.
            Let me share another inspiring story of Chandra Shekar Ghosh who started journey with small sweet shop to now running a new Bank altogether. I read this incredible story at firstpost.com.  http://www.firstpost.com/business/bandhan-bank-is-born-chandra-shekhar-ghoshs-incredible-journey-from-a-sweet-shop-to-owning-a-bank-2301082.html. Ghosh was born into family of Bangladesh refugees. His father was running small sweet shop. Though they had limited resources, father managed his son to study statistics at Dhaka University. 1985, Ghosh started his career with international development agency based out of Bangladesh. He involved in multiple NGOs working with poor in West Bengal. Ghosh started microfinance company called Bandhan in West Bengal in year 2001. He borrowed Rs 1.75 lakh from local moneylender @ interest rate of 7.5 % per month, Rs 25,000 from his sister and brother-in-law. This was the only capital deployed in the bank with 2 employees. He started disbursing small loan amounts to poor. This model grew well. Today Bandhan expanded to more than 27 states with 2000 delivery centers. Now loan sizes have increased to as big as 1 lakh rupees. You know what, today Bandhan's net worth is more than Rs 500 crore for which it can be considered as new bank as per RBI rules . It has more than 17,000 employees. Ghosh is not a management pundit from top class university nor did his PhD in microfinance. He just studied problems, need, market and more than that he got great heart. Thank you Firstpost for nicely articulating this story.
            Earning money is one achievement in our life. Probably it is possible through some means. But it does not guarantee any happiness. Happiness comes when you are able to share with someone who deserves and who helped you in your earning. Saying is easy but acting is tough. Very few people are committed to such cause. Probably you must be guessing who can be in that noble list. Savjibhai Dholakia, a diamond merchant from Surat was in news in recent times for similar reason! His organization named Hari Krishna Exports (exports diamonds to more than 75 countries, started in 1992) announced 1,260 cars, 400 flats and jewellery items to deserved employees as part of Diwali gifts. His goal is to make every employee owns flat and car! What an organizational norm? He is not only concerned about living of his employees but also concerned about life style. What an incredible management style? This process is scientific and reward / performance based. This spend is 50+ crores and organization employs 5000+ employees. He is doing this similar exercise from last 4 years without fail. He believed this kind of soft dollar / loyalty program. His personal story was amazing. He started this business using loan from his uncle in humble way. Now he wants to impart similar ideology to his son. Hence recently he sent his son to Kochi with three sets of clothing, Rs 7,000 money and asked him to live on his own. What kind of legacy he wants to transmit to the next generation. Long live Savjibhai Dholakia. World needs many people like you. Organizations across the world need to imbibe values and management style from Hari Krishna Exports. I believe in storytelling. Mostly we think storytelling is connected to people. I just opened HK exports website (http://about.hk.co/) and clicked our entity & Brands. One of their flagship brand is "My Diamond Story". It is private label brand and meant for lifelong commitment. Every element on this earth is connected to some story and inspires us. Thank you livemint and economic times for publishing such positive stories, educating and inspiring people like us. If you want to read the complete article, please visit livemint.com and economic times. You get complete understanding. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/ 55095846.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_ medium=text&utm_ campaign=cppst ; http://www.livemint.com/Companies/wTx5y7RKkWMz3HRAJur2ON/Surat-diamond-merchant-to-gift-cars-flats-to-employees-for.html
            My Dear Friends, Today I want to share something from my heart. This letter series reached Volume 2 and Issue 3. This means, till date, I sent 14 letters to you. This is my 15th communication to you. Our association is 15th month old now. Our association got matured and became meaningful. What do you mean by this? What is expected from this association? Why am I writing to you? Being a regular reader, you are matured enough to understand the meaning and expectations. My only wish in this social mission is "You have to be inspired". No, You must be inspired. You have to dream high. You have to think big. You have to grow high in your life.  You story should teach someone and inspire many. This is the only and sole goal of these letters. This is the only expectation from my side. You have to give me this much of commitment. Inspire through storytelling, Innovate for Life turning! Today it is not mere slogan. It is philosophy now. It is the mantra to survive. I want to keep it recorded. 25-30 years back, I suffered a lot due to negative thinking. I was not confident about myself though academically I was decent. I think negative consequence first, plan for that and take real action. It was huge toll on me. I lost good opportunities. Now when I look back, they appear so silly. Today I am reasonably succeeded in my action. I am highly confident and optimistic about future. Why I am sharing with you because, it is message to you. Don't worry too much of consequence. You are bound to succeed if you think positive. Friends, I appreciate your valuable time. I will see you in my next letter. Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to write to you and help me to learn, unlearn and relearn in this process. I personally thank all websites, authors who are publishing / writing such an inspiring stories for common good and contributing for better world.
With Best Wishes,
Dr. Ravi Saripalle

About Author:    Dr. Ravi Saripalle is Founder of Inspire to Innovate (i2i) Storytelling Movement. He is also Director, Center for Innovation, GVP College of Engineering (A), Vizag, AP, India. As part of Inspire to Innovate (i2i) Storytelling Movement, Dr.Ravi is trying to instill inspiration through spreading positive stories of amazing people in the form of short stories, embedding them in the form of letters (epistolary form) and sending them to thousands of schools, colleges, universities districts administration across India. Also conducting Storytelling Workshops in select institutions. Providing customized mentoring to specific inspired students. Dr. Ravi is having 18 years of experience in Industry, Consultancy, Training, Mentoring and Research. Prior to this current mission, Ravi worked with Wipro Technologies for more than a decade.  Ravi can be reached at saripalle.ravi@gmail,com or http://i2itm.blogspot.in/ or facebook.com/saripalle.ravi

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Disclaimer: The goal of this i2iSM letter series campaign is to inspire students / youth through storytelling and develop innovative leaders to build strong nation. In this process, I have taken several data points from various websites, NEWS articles, books, videos etc. I sincerely thank all the editors for providing such an insightful stories and information. To the best of my knowledge, I tried to acknowledge all the sources. I sincerely apologize for any omissions, grammatical mistakes and hurting any reader’s sentiments. I request all the readers to understand the spirit behind this effort. This effort doesn’t involve any commercials. Letter series is for free distribution. 

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