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INSPIRE TO INNOVATE (I2I) STORYTELLING MOVEMENT : Letter to Student Series- Volume 1 and Issue 6

My Dear Student Friends,

This is Dr. Ravi Saripalle, Believer and Mentor, Inspire to Innovate (i2i) Storytelling Movement. Welcome to “Letter to Student Series- Volume 1 and Issue 6”. Hope you enjoyed reading my previous letter. These letters are making all institutions connected across North to South & East to West, for one good cause, Inspire to Innovate. I thank all of you for spending your valuable time reading this letter series and patiently acknowledging the same.  

In the previous issue, I highlighted how inspiration is an strategic investment and innovation is the currency in the market. In this context, we discussed about Srikanth Bolla, born blind, but showing extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit, Franklin D. Roosevelt, having polio, but how he became President of the United States, Helen Keller, Blind, Deaf, and Mute, but renowned author, Stephen Hawkings, nearly paralyzed but proved himself as a famous Physicist and mathematician, Sudha Chandran, lost her leg, but demonstrated her talent as classical dancer, Arunima Sinha , lost leg, but conquered the Mount Everest, Albert Einstein, having learning disability, but recognized as world’s famous scientist, Jagdish Kashibhai Patel, visually impaired, but proved himself as great social worker for the cause of people with disabilities, Y. G. Parameshwara,  blind doctor, practicing medicine wonderfully, Ashish Goyal , blind, but recognized as Young global leader, George Abraham, founding chairman of World Blind Cricket Council and few other stories. What an amazing people! I They are really making us proud and reminding our responsibility towards building better society! Are you getting inspired! I honestly hope!  

Recently somebody asked me, how does inspire to innovate (i2i) storytelling movement helps? Stories especially developed using live case studies, create tremendous impact on individual cognition levels. First, they help in setting the vision and executing goals without external influence. Constant hearing and reading of inspiring stories impacts reticular cortex function in the human brain. Surprisingly Reticular cortex determines which content in your brain to be deleted but you need to fix on what you don't want to delete. These inspiring stories help in implanting positive content in our brain and build positive attitude. Second, it helps in invoking one’s own choice of intelligence (Verbal-Linguistic, Mathematical-Logical, Musical Intelligence, Visual-Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Naturalist, and Existential) and put it in the practice. When you are practicing your own choice of intelligence, you receive superior productivity. Intelligence being natural choice of the individual, he / she enjoys whatever work chosen. Third, inspire to innovate (i2i) storytelling movement is an edutainment (education + entertainment) process. This process cuts-down the re-skilling cost as individual inspires and learns skill on his own. There is no external push required for skill building. 

Dear Friends, last week Nation lost ten brave soldiers in Saichen region. We require guts to hear about extreme conditions and constraints prevailed in that region! Occasional visit in such conditions itself required high energies. What to speak of guarding there? Unless one is extremely inspired and dedicated, no one can dare to picket in such adverse weather and rarified atmosphere. This region is located at an altitude of 19, 600 feet and called as highest battleground on the earth. Temperature conditions (minus 42 during night to minus 25 during day) in that region, send shivers down the spine and makes our hair stand on end. What kind of bravery and courage these soldiers must be having? Undoubtedly, they are discharging unlimited inspiration for all of us! Lets us all salute to these heroic soldiers.

Similarly, the stories of brave kids who are winning national bravery awards, are inspiring many of us. I was reading thebetterindia.com about Zeal Jitendra Marathe, 13 year old girl from Gujarat, saved kids from running school bus. She called ambulance and police even in such chaotic conditions. She is having amazing presence of mind, spirit and courage!  Balram Dansena, jumped into a 15 feet deep pond and saved 8 year old boy from drowning. Salute to these young brave kids! We must lend some inspiration from these extraordinary kids.

Recently I read about Rajinder Johar in oddee.com who was working as occupational therapist at King George's Medical College in Lucknow. One day, Johar was shot by robbers at home. His spine got completely damaged and became paralyzed. However, Johar did not discourage. He learnt to type using just two fingers and a thumb and started The Voice, a magazine to create awareness for people with disabilities. He also started a trust called Family of Disabled (FOD), helping disadvantaged to seek employment. He inspired her daughter to work for the trust. Not only to his daughter, but he is truly inspiring many disadvantaged and disabled!

Neerja Bhanot, a brave Indian air hostess, saved 360 lives during The Karachi Hijack! She protected 3 kids but she scarified her life in that tragic incident. She showed humanity which is above the responsibility (storypick.com).Sapper Shanti Tigga, mother of two, first women jawan in the Indian Army. On par with male counterparts, she performed her duties and scarified her life for Nation!

Mahendra Nath Mulla, captain of the INS Khukri, expired after his ship was hit by enemy submarine during the 1971 war. He is epitome of sacrifice. Mulla gave his own life saving jacket to another solider and saved many other lives before his ship went down. What kind of inspiration he is emitting through his selflessness and duty bounded (desinema.com)

Tessy Thomas, from Kerala, an extraordinary scientist of DRDO, named as missile woman of India, Project Director for multiple Agni series missile projects, lovingly called as Agniputri, contributed a lot towards missile projects. She also successfully managed home and career and she is role model for many working women and example to lead work-life balance.

Inspiration can be drawn from any source, any person, any activity or any situation. Source is unknown but outcome is guaranteed. In this context, I want to share another inspirational deed of Vivek Vadke, from Marathwada region, who downsized his daughter's marriage, saved 6 lakhs rupees and donated for a great cause! You know what? He donated that amount to farmers who are suffering from drought effected regions. He has been doing social service by saving some portion from his salary every month. In the current society, where marriage is a symbol of status, downsizing arrangements and saving money for donation, witnesses his noble heart. He is an example for many service oriented people. He is using this donation to deepen water resources and make them ready for monsoon (thebetterindia.com) .     

Let me share another story of noble heart. A genuine driver from Kolkata not only offers ride, but also delivers great inspiration. Recently I was reading an article in Times of India about Bideswar Saw,  an ordinary taxi driver, found one of his passengers left bag with 6 lakhs rupees. He tried to reach the passenger but went vain. Finally, he handed over the bag to police station and proved his honesty. In my view, he is not just an ordinary driver, but definitely trusted ambassador. He is built the brand honesty. He is inspiring many of us! Thank You Bideswar!

Again, I read another wonderful inspirational article from Times of India. Sanjay Raval, book shop retailer from Ahmadabad, takes another shop on lease for 9 years to save one shadow giving tree as he found that tree was being chopped at the behest of the shop owner as it is overshadowing his business. Sanjay is from construction business but interested in book reading. Hence he started book business. Love towards nature and environment, he compelled to take over the other shop as well and took over the business. These Samaritans make life beautiful and create environment as well beautiful. Thank you Sanjay for inspiring people towards protecting mother trees.

I read an article from thelogicalindian.com about Sombari Sabar, 11 year tribal old orphan girl, from Jharkhand, sells firewood every day, to sustain her life but she never misses the school! She received accolades from teachers for her commitment and positive spirit. Her house does not has electricity nor kerosene to light but she never misses school. She is staying alone as no relatives adopted her,  but not deterred by personal circumstances. Hats off to her commitment, determination and positive attitude. In my view, she is the role model to many students who are missing great opportunity in spite of having good circumstances. Thank you Sombari and  thelogicalindian for publishing an inspiring article.

These positive stories create hope in our country. Our future lies on these people who are going to create and grab opportunities in next 10-20 years.  Our future lies on these great people who create troubles for themselves but paves way for common good. Our future lies on these activities which are less appreciated in the beginning but create long term impact and build positive world.         
My Dear Friends, Hope you found useful reading these inspirational stories! Hope you got inspired to do good for better society! Inspire, Inspire and Inspire!!! Friends, I appreciate your valuable time. I wish this is informative and useful. I will again see you in my next letter. Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to write to you and help me to learn, unlearn and relearn in this process.

With Best Wishes
Dr. Ravi Saripalle

About Author:    Dr. Ravi Saripalle is Mentor and Believer of Inspire to Innovate (i2i) Storytelling Movement. He is also Director, Center for Innovation, GVP College of Engineering (A), Vizag, AP, India. As part of Inspire to Innovate (i2i) Storytelling Movement, Dr.Ravi is trying to spread inspiration through real time case studies in the form of short stories and conducting Storytelling Workshops to inspire students. Also providing customized mentoring to specific inspired students. Dr. Ravi is having more than 17 years of experience in Industry, Consultancy, Training, Mentoring and Research. Prior to this current role, Dr. Ravi worked with Wipro Technologies for more than a decade. Dr Ravi can be reached at saripalle.ravi@gmail,com or http://i2itm.blogspot.in/ or facebook.com/saripalle.ravi

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Disclaimer: The goal of this i2i letter series campaign is to inspire students / youth through storytelling and develop innovative leaders to build strong nation. In this process, I have taken several data points from various websites, NEWS articles, books, videos etc. I sincerely thank all the editors for providing such an insightful stories and information. To the best of my knowledge, I tried to acknowledge all the sources. I sincerely apologize for any omissions, grammatical mistakes and hurting any reader’s sentiments. I request all the readers to understand the spirit behind this effort. This effort doesn’t involve any commercials. Letter series is for free distribution. 

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